Mysterious Tales in the Jungle

Source:Phoenix Art Center

Mysterious Tales in the Jungle would open in Phoenix Art Center Shanghai on August 10, 2013. Sticking to the exploration of classic sills and inheritance in contemporary arts, the academic host of this exhibition, professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, famous curator Liu Libin would bring us artworks by young Guangzhou artists, Lin Weixiang and Zheng Feng. In this hot summer , We invite you to rest in the prosperous forests and remote narrative built by the two artists. 

Zheng Feng prefers fantasies in his artworks. His paintings are like illustrations of fantasy literature with wild imaginations. The artworks on display this time are his awarding works and new works. His artworks illustrating huge strong plants, and insect-sized, winged human beings living in May Fourth Movement period, or a holly night that implies unease always conveys certain kind of complicated worries. Lin Weixiang chose to create his artworks on printed cloths. Strong and bizarre patterns on the cloths created a special atmosphere for the objects he paint humorous, ridiculous, decadent, incurable, or optimistic. 

“Mysterious Tales”, is mostly regarded as “superstition”, or in a more stylish way, it’s called “mocking”. Their paintings make it possible for us to review the existence of mystery and the value of images. That why we named the exhibition with “Mysterious Tales in the Jungle”. The extreme delicacy of Lin Weixiang and the intentional chaos of Zheng Feng allow people to stand before their paintings and experience in a careful way. This is what analysis and rationality can’t reach. “Jungle” is chosen by coincidence. Painting “mysterious tales” is a status. They exist in their own way.