• Art Taipei 2013

    Art Taipei 2013

    During£º2013.11.08 ¡« 2013.11.11
    Venue£ºTaipei World Trade Center,B-33
    Artists£ºLu Zhengyuan,Zhang Xinquan
  • Asia Contempoary Art Show Hong Kong 2013

    Asia Contempoary Art Show Hong Kong 2013

    During£º2013.05.23 ¡« 2013.05.26
    Venue£ºJW Marriot Hotel Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 27th floors- 2712 ES
    Artists£ºLu Zhengyuan
    In this show, there will be nearly twenty exquisite oil paintings and sculptures by Lu zhenyuan from 2006 to 2013£º the daily necessities and medical images are the main source of his media for constructing surrealistic world£»the sculptures originated from The Bible, western mythology and real spiritual world. Viewers can feel his pure personal emotion and understanding from his outstanding skills as well as his unique sensory experience he gives to this living world.
  • LA ART SHOW 2013

    LA ART SHOW 2013

    During£º2013.01.23 ¡« 2013.01.27
    Venue£ºLos Angeles Convention Center
    Artists£ºChen Hongbo,Hu Wendan,Li Feilin,Liao Man,Lv Yan,Yu Guo,Li Sa,Shen Hao,Dai Pingjun,Lu Zhengyuan,Zhang Xinquan,Wang Nen,Chen Shaoli,Pan Daosheng,Xing Jianjian,Li Jianguo,Wang Chi,Tian Henggang,Li Yiwen,Zhang Xiaopeng,Lu Zhengyuan
    The LA Art Show, now in its 18th year, is the longest running platform for contemporary, modern, historic and traditional fine art in the country. The 2012 show hosted more than 100 prominent galleries and attracted more than 50,000 visitors with its ¡®Fair-within-a-Fair¡¯ concept featuring distinct sections catering to diverse collecting genres.
  • Art Beijing 2013 Special Exhibition

    Art Beijing 2013 Special Exhibition

    During£º2013.04.30 ¡« 2013.05.03
    Venue£ºAgricultural Exhibition Center of China,Beijing
    Artists£ºShang Yang,Dai Shihe,Zheng Xinquan,Wang Keju,Duan Zhengqu,Zhao Kaikun