Liu Xia


Born in 1981

2005 Graduated from Shandong University of Arts with the major of Oil Paiting

2010, Graduated from the Department of Plastic Arts University of Mirail, Toulouse, France.


Solo Exhibitions

2014  ¡°Two Confused Policemen¡±Liu Xia Solo Show, Phoenix Art Palace ,Beijing,China


Group Exhibitions

2014  ¡°IVY ART¡±Recommend Exhibition of Young Artists¡¯ Work,Inside-out Art Museum,Beijing,China

¡°On the Road¡±Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists¡¯ Work, Guan Shanyue Art Gallery,Shenzhen,China

2013  ¡°Breaking the picture¡±Liu Xia and Zhang Yufei Double Solo Exhibition,Phoenix Art Palace,


      ¡°Undercurrent¡±,Survey Sein Space, Beijing,China

¡°Starting Anew¡±, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing,China

¡°Los Angeles LA Art Show ¡± , Los Angeles ,USA

¡°Art nova100¡±, Beijing,China

2012  ¡°Benetton Small Painting Project¡±, Italy

¡°Art nova100¡±, Beijing,China

2011  ¡°House Warming ¡±Zan8 Art space, Beijing,China

¡°Art nova100¡±, Beijing,China

2009  ¡°Galerie Track d¡¯art¡±, French