Dai Pingjun
Graduated from the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and now works as a professional artist in Beijing.
Dream Left in Venice, Wild Lily, Lonely Corner created in 2013 were exhibited in LA Art Show
37¡æ was exhibited in the ¡°Source Inquiring¡¤Art Phoenix¡ª¡ªAcademic Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting¡±, Phoenix Art Palace, Wu Xi. 
The San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Show, US
The Invitational Exhibition of Neo-realistic Paintings, The National Art Museum of China
Art Beijing, Phoenix Art Palace, Conception Beyond Images ¨C The Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Painters
The 4th Exhibition of Artworks by Young Artists in Hunan, Hunan Art Museum, awarded gold medal
 ¡°Gone with the Wind" series -- Songzhuang Art Gallery -- Art Exhibition for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
"Gone with the Wind" series -- Beijing Manai Grass Art Center -- Classical Oil Painting Exhibition by Invited Young Artists£»
¡°Triangle¡± ¡°Wild Lily¡± ¡°Wild Lily¡±--  Art Beijing. ¡°Sai Kung Girl¡±-- Phoenix Art Palace - Exhibition of Sketches of Vietnam by Chinese painters.
 "Gone with the Wind" series, ¡°Triangle¡± -- Phoenix Art Palace Solo exhibition
 ¡°Gone with the Wind¡± series -- ¡°China Art/Global Action¡± -- New York, United States of America; 
¡°Triangle¡± -- The Exhibition of the Hundreds Artists Work, Nanjing;
 ¡°E son-2008¡±---The Research Exhibition of Representational Works in Times Art Museum Beijing; ¡°Wild Lily¡± -- The Los Angeles Art Fair.
¡°Tide¡±, ¡°Distant memories¡± -- ¡°Colorful Spring ¨C Beijing Invitation Show for Oil Paintings¡± in China Millennium Monument;
¡°E son-2008¡± -- The 11th National Artworks Exhibition; 
¡°City expression 2¡± The 1st Oil Painting Exhibition of Beijing Oil Painting Association;
¡°Distant memories¡± The Exhibition in Beijing of Hunan Artists ¨C the National Art Museum of China;
¡°Recall¡±, ¡°Window girl¡± -- the Exhibition of Fresco Faculty¡¯s Oil Painting in the Central Art Academy Museum; ¡°Recall¡± -- The Exhibition of the National Military Arts
¡°Gone with the Wind" series -- ¡°Amalgamation & Creation¡± ¨C An Art Exhibition in Beijing Capital Museum; The Exhibition of The National Military Arts;
"Gone with the Wind" series -- Beijing 798 Concrete Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, (Beijing); Hong Kong Realistic Characters Oil Painting Exhibition.
¡°Myna¡± - ¡°Look Back and Forward¡± -- Oil Painting Collection Exhibition in Hunan Museum

Works published in ¡°Chinese Oil Painting Market", "Chinese Art Status", "Gallery", "Collection", "ART", "Hi ART", "ART and investment, the arts concern of Europe and America homecoming collection", ¡°Report", "the Elephant and Research".
Published works
¡°Contemporary Chinese strength -- Dai Pingjun¡±
Works collected by collectors from Hong Kong, Indonesia etc.