Zhou Changjiang, Born in April 1950, Shanghai
Graduated from Arts Department (Oil Painting) of Shanghai Theater Academy, Shanghai
Professor and Dean of Art School of East China Normal University
Level 1 Artists of Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute
Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Artists Association
Researcher of China National Academy of Painting 

Selected exhibitions: 
Handwritten,State !!Zhou Changjiang¨s work, Phoenix Art Center, Shanghai 
Gathering of Group Treasures!Exhibition of Selected Artworks from Top Ten National Art Museums, National Art Museum of China, Beijing 
The Early Abstract Art in Shanghai- A Retrospective of Art History , Shanghai Baoshan International Folk  Arts Exposition
Four Quartets 3-5-3, How Art Museum, Wenzhou
Forms of the Formless: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Kunstwerk Carlsh┨tte, Rendsburg, Germany        
Action of a Proper Degree!Exhibition of ZHOU Changjiang¨s Paper Works, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai   
Chinese-Japanese-Korean Artwork Exchange Exhibition, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea 
UK Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Art Gallery, London Olympia Center              
Context of China!Super-impressionistic Easel Art, Songzhuang Contemporary Art Center, Beijing 
The Way of Writing, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai
Between Shanghai and Paris!Shanghai Modern and Contemporary Painting Exhibition,             Chinese Cultural Center, Paris, France 
Dawning East Turned White-- National Art Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition National Museum, Beijing 
The Way Imitates Nature!Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition, MOCA Shanghai
Images Come from the Heart!The Fourth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art, PIFO Gallery, Beijing 
Chinese Abstract Art Itinerant Exhibition, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, Guangzhou, Beijing
Meet Marseille--Marseille, France and the Shanghai Exchange Exhibition, Marseilles Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, France
Large Painting--Painting in Hillock House, Chinese Pavilion, Shanghai Expo                    
Reconstruction: The Top Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art, Zhejiang Museum of Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Back to Modern Times--2009 China Abstract Arts Invitation Exhibition, Westlake Art Gallery, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 
Question on Heaven and Mankind!ZHOU Changjiang Work Exhibition, Z-art Center, Shanghai  
Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing 798 Art Zone
Expansion and Fusion--Research on Modern Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, National Itinerant Exhibition
Chinese Wind!Germany Invitation Exhibition, Potsdam International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Germany      
Correspondence and Response--United Exhibition of Chinese-American Artists ̄ , National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Chinese Oil Painting Biographical Notes, broadcasted by CCTV many times and published 
About River - Chinese Oil Painting Retrospective Exhibition, NAMOC, Beijing 
Imagery in Mt. Wuyi: The 1st International Touring Exhibition of Works by Chinese and Germany Artists, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin Museum of Art 
^The 3rd Space: Non-objection about Chinese Culture Text ̄, Shanghai, Ningbo 
Museum of Art
Nature and Human--The Second Exhibition of Chinese Landscape Painting Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Art Museums 
Heteromorphism and Fantasy!Modern Art Exhibition   Shanghai Art Museum
Dreaming of the Dragon's Nation: Contemporary Art Exhibition from China, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art 
Paris!Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Espacecardin, Paris, France 
The First Beijing International Art Biennale, NAMOC, Beijing            
An Opening Era-- National Art Museum of China 40th Anniversary Exhibition, NAMOC, Beijing
Century Character C China Contemporary Art 50 Exhibition China Millennium Monument, Beijing 
China Ground Zero: Material Art Invitational Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Shanghai Library 
Metaphysical 2001- Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
9th Asian Artists Exhibition, Pace University, U. S 
20th Chinese Oil Painting Retrospective Exhibition, Beijing, Shanghai Art Museum        
Chinese-Italian Art Exchange Exhibition Guangdong Museum of Art 
14th Asian International Art Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Fukuoka, Japan       
Chinese Five Millennium Civilized Art shows US Spanish Guggenheim 
Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
First Shanghai Biennale (Art), Shanghai Art Museum 
Exhibition of Contemporary Artworks By 12 Artists, New York, Los Angeles Exhibition Hall, U. S                
Critic 94 Nomination Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing              
First Asia-Pacific Contemporary Triennial Exhibition, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia 
Preliminary Investigation of Orientalism, Jinghua Art Center, Taiwan  
Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,  Museum of Art, Soviet Union, Poland                
Don¨t Want to Play Cards with Paul C└zanne!Chinese Avant-Garde Art Exhibition,  Pacific Asia Museum, U. S 
Chinese Modern Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing