Yu Peng mainly works in the creative medium of Chinese ink art painting but has also produced oil paintings, ceramic art, print art, sculpture, furniture design and spatial design etc.

Solo Exhibitions
1988 Yu Peng Ceramic Art Solo Exhibition (Tienmu Pottery House, Taipei)
Yu Peng Hong Kong Solo Exhibition (Hanart Hong Kong)
Yu Peng New York Solo Exhibition (New York Hanart)
1989 Yu Peng Taipei Solo Exhibition (Hanart Taipei)
Yu Peng Hong Kong Solo Exhibition (Hanart Hong Kong)
1990 “Rather Ducks Than People” Solo Exhibition, (Wisteria House, Taipei).
“A Picnic on Grass”  Solo Exhibition, (Kingstone Gallery, Taichung).
Yu Peng New York Solo Exhibition (New York Hanart)
1991 “Rural Pleasure” Solo Exhibition (Hanart Taipei)
Yu Peng US Solo Exhibition (Asian Arts & Culture Center, Towson University, Maryland).
“Yu Peng – Between Mountains and Water” Solo Exhibition (Taipei Shinkong-Mitsukoshi Department Store)
1992 “Literati Dreams: Recent works by Yu Peng” Solo Exhibition (Hanart Hong Kong, Hanart Taipei)
1993 “Five Women” Solo Exhibition (Hanart Taipei)
The painting of Yu Peng a Solo Exhibition (Gallery Yang, Munich, Germany)
“Yu Peng Space” Solo Exhibition (Hanart Taipei)
Solo Exhibition of Painting by Yu Peng (Yellow River Arts Center, Taichung)
1994 “Yu Peng’s World of Innocence and Alienation” Solo Exhibition (National Tsing Hua University Arts Center, Hsinchu).
“Western materials, Chinese Feelings” Solo Exhibition (Pacific Cultural Foundation, Taipei).
1998 “Yu Peng: Journeys” Solo Exhibition (Hanart TZ Gallery)
“A Modern Odyssey New Works by Yu Peng (Kaikodo, New York)
1999 “Landscape of Desire” Solo Exhibition (Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei).
2001 “Yu Peng: Pure Exotic Archaic and Strange” Solo Exhibition (Hanart Hong Kong)
“Yu Peng Ink Art Solo Exhibition: Landscape of Desire - Sea Vista” (Providence University Art Center, Taichung).
2003 “Yu Peng Space – Moving Calligraphy” (Hanart Taipei)
2004 “Yu Peng Space” Solo Exhibition (Zi Yuan Tea House, Beijing)
Yu Peng Paintings and Calligrapy (Hanart TZ Gallery)
“En Transe” Solo Exhibition (Bateau-Lavoir art Gallery, Paris)
.“Transforming” Solo Exhibition (Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei).
2005 “A Joyful Union – Exhibition by Yu Peng” ( Orchard, Beijing)
2007       Yu Peng Cottage Plans  (San Shang Arts Center, Beijing)
2010      “Chinese black tiger- plasterboard prints”(台北 百藝畫廊)

Group Exhibitions

1982 “Expressionism Three Man Show – Chen Ming-nung, Yu Peng, ChengTzai-tung” (Shangya Gallery, Taipei)
1986 “Modern Eyes Group Exhibition” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum).
1992 “K-18” Group Exhibition (Kassel, Germany).
“Sino-Korean Contemporary Ink Paintings Exhibition, Group Exhibition” (Seoul, South Korea).
“Shuanghsi Group Sculpture Exhibition” (Chiehshantang, Taipei)
1993 “Shuanghsi Group Sculpture Exhibition” (Chuanmen Arts Center, Kaohsiung).
“Exhibition of Modern Chinese Ink Painting” (Leningrad Museum, Leningrad Museum, USSR).  
“Mind and Thrills” 5-artist Group Exhibition (Up Gallery. Kaohsiung)
“New Art, New Tribes: Taiwan Art in the Nineties” (Hanart Taipei) 
“Yu Peng, Cheng Tsaitung: Views of Hong Kong” (Hanart Hong Kong)
1994 “This Land” (Yu Peng, Hsu Yu-jen, Kuo Chuan-chiu, Cheng Tsai-tung) Exhibition Tour (University of Denver Arts Center, Florida HD Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum)
1995 “Contemporary Art in Taiwan Group Exhibition” (Sydny Modern Art Museum, Sydney, Australia)
“Other-Distance” Group Exhibition, Studio Aperto / Associazione Culturale per la Promzione dell'Arte in Europe, Rome, Italy
“Twentieth Century Chinese Painting: Tradition and Innovation from 100 Chinese Painters”  (Hong Kong Museum of Art, Singapore Art Museum, British Museum, Holland, Germany etc.)
1996 “Dancing with Art Utensils: A Dialogue Between Life and Future Creation,” Group Exhibition, Color Field Art Space, Taipei  
“Singapore Art 4-artist Group Exhibition” (Cicada Gallery of Fine Arts, Singapore)
“1996 Taipei Biennial, the Quest for Self: Identity and Memories” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan)
“Reckoning with the Past” (Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, Portugal, New Zealand etc.)
1997 “Depicting Taiwan” Group Exhibition (Yu Peng, Hou Chun-ming, Hsu Yu-jen, Huang Chih-yang), (The Drawing Center, New York, Parish Art Museum, Long Island, Contemporary Art Forum, Santa Barbara, California, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan).
1998 “On the Edge of Tradition” Group Exhibition (Dimension Endowment of Art, Taipei)
1999 Vision of Pluralism: Contemporary Art in Taiwan 1988—1999” Group Exhibition (National Art Museum of China, Beijing).
2000 Shanghai Biennial 2000 (Shanghai Art Museum).
“Close Up: Contemporary Art from Taiwan” (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria B.C. Canada).
“Whispering Over the Sea – Yu Peng, Cheng Tsai-tung, Hsiao Chang-cheng” (Yibo Gallery, Shanghai).
2001 “Pujiang International Ink Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition” (Pujiang, Hangzhou, Shanghai Art Museum, Japan)
“Ten” Group Exhibition (“Kaikodo” New York)
2002 “Ink Art Painting Three Man Exhibition – Yu Peng, Ni Tsai-chin, ChaoWu-chi” (Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei)
“Asian Art Week” Group Exhibition” (Kaikodo, New York).
2002       “Travelling-from 6 Taiwan artists” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Oklahoma State Capitol Galleries
2004 “Contemporary Ink Painting and Ink in Contemporary Art” Group Exhibition (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan).
“Place/ Displace: Three Generations of Taiwanese Art” touring exhibition in North America (Art Museum, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Richmond Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, Museum of Art, Colombus State University, Georgia and Pacific and Asia Museum Los Angeles, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts).
“The Multiform Nineties: Taiwan’s Art Branches Out” Group Exhibition (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan)
“Yellow Box: Group Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy in Taiwan (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan); 
“4th International Shenzhen Ink Painting Biennnial: The Metropolis” (Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen)
2006 “International touring exhibition in China and Germany: Imagery in Mt. Wuyi —— interactive creation of Chinese artists vis-à –vis German artists” (China, Germany).
“Yellow Box in Qingpu, China: Contemporary Art in a Chinese Space,” Xiaoximen, Qingpu District, Shanghai.
2007 “Journeys: Mapping the Earth and Mind in Chinese Art,” February 10 – 
         August 26, 2007, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
2007    Reboot the Third Cheng Du Biennale 
2007 A Tradition Redefined: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings
 from the Chu-tsing Li  Collection, 1950-2000  
         Harvard University Art Museums and the Phoenix Art Museum 
2008     “East Asia Contemporary Ink Painting Invitation Exhibition” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan)
2009  “The New Aspect 2009 Exhibition of Contemporary Cross-Strait Ink Paintings” (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts)
2009    Beyond China: The New Ink Painting from Taiwan, (Michael Goedhuis, 
         London)  30 October - 27 November
2013 The Origin Of Dao_ New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art

Collected Works

1992 Hong Kong Museum of Art collects a 150cm scroll ink landscapes from the “Literati Dreams” Series.
1993 British Museum collects one 240cm horizontal landscape hand scroll painting and copies of the silk screen water dyed prints “Lao-tzu on a Cow”  and  “Girl on a Sheep” , one copy each of ground engraved and line engraved versions. 
1994 Taipei Fine Arts Museum collects one character oil painting
1998 San Francisco Asian Art Museum collects two copies of an 240cm hanging scroll ink art landscape and a small character and landscape hand scroll painting
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts collects two copies of an 240cm  hanging scroll ink art landscape
2007      Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
2007      Museum of Asian Art, Berlin
2008  Harvard Museum