Yimin Chai
1965  Born in Haerbin£¬Heilongjiang province£¬P.R.China
1987  Graduate from Design Department of Shanghai Commercial Academy

Main Exhibitions:
1991   Double Exhibition,west Shanghai workman¡¯s culture Centre 
1996   Double Exhibition,shanghai Huashan academy
1999  ¡°zoo Bar¡±Exhibition
2000  ¡°park 97¡±Exhibition
2000  ¡°inertia & falsity¡±Exhibition
2001  ¡°Chaiyimin works¡±Exhibition
2001  ¡°abnormity-works on the paper¡±
2001  ¡°THE ROOM WITH A VIEW GALLERY¡±Exhibition
2001  ¡°THE INK¡±WALSH Gallery£¬Chicago
2002  ¡°BIZART¡±exhibition
2002  ¡°rotate360-chinese plan art exhibition¡±£¬Paragold int I art centre
2003  ¡°Asien-Pazifik Wochen¡±£¬Berlin£¬Group Exhibition£¬Aedes Gallery
2004   Group Exhibition£¬Walsh Gallery£¬Chicago
2005  ¡°Progress¡±Eastlink Gallery
2006  ¡°Position & Regression¡±Exhibition
2006  ¡°Urban Backyard¡±Exhibition
2007  ¡°Reflecting Reflections¡±GALLERY on OLD BAILEY Exhibition
2008  ¡°Spring Equinos¡±Chai Yi ming Solo Exhibition Around Space
2009  ¡°mana art¡±presents shanghai-BRUSSELS
2010  ¡°shanghai New Ink Art Exhibition¡±
2010  ¡°Twenty-one¡±Aike Gallery
2010   Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
2010  ¡°square¡±50 Moganshan Road
2011   solo Exhibition£¬Aike Gallery
2011  ¡°Art in Shanghai¡±Exhibition£¬Lecce
2011  ¡°Bonsai¡±the tangible and the unreal of nature in Chinese art
2011  ¡°SanDianShui¡±Exhibition
2012  ¡°WALKNG ON THE EDGE OF THE TIMES¡±Contemporary Art Exhibition
2012  ¡°Forgotten Places¡±OV Gallery 50 Moganshan Road
2012  ¡°Refracted Realities¡±OV Gallery 50 Moganshan Road
2012  ¡°A Return Oriented Towards the Future¡±Shanghai Gallery Alliance Opening Exhibition