Phoenix Art Center was established in 2008. Funded by China¡¯s biggest artists material manufacturer, Phoenix Arts Group, Phoenix Art Center started its art exhibition space in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuxi. It also established Phoenix Art Palace in Wuxi. Phoenix Arts Group holds ¡°all for art¡± as its purpose. It has long been following the development of easel painting as well as promoting the communication and interaction between Chinese and foreign art and culture.

Phoenix Arts Center cooperated with many excellent artists home and abroad. It has being representing a lot of contemporary oil painting artists, and maintaining a deep relation with many famous curators. Phoenix Art Center aims at promoting the development of oil painting art, supporting young artists. This attracts widely attention home and abroad.

Since the establishment of Phoenix Art Capital, it has cooperated with important associations such as China Artists Association, Chinese Academy for Oil Painting, National Art Museum of China, China Oil Painting Society and provincial Department of Culture, etc. It has also held national exhibitions such as ¡°Jiangsu Provincial Oil Painting Exhibition¡±, ¡°Joint Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings¡± and ¡°The 1st Art Phoenix Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition of Young Artists¡±, etc. Meanwhile, Phoenix Art Center has been maintaining a stable and cooperative relation with art fairs such as Art Beijing, Art Taipei, Los Angeles Art Show, San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Show. Phoenix Art Center would go on maintaining its concept, to deeply explore and promote contemporary and classic art, to provide a platform for artists that can represent the current characteristics and the development of Chinese art, and to introduce them to collectors, art admirers home and abroad.